About Us


The Company was founded in 1976 in Jakarta, the Capital City of Indonesia to produce small transformers, ballast, mercury chokes, auto transformer, voltage converter 110v/220v etc. Then by 1980 the company become a full manufacturer of dry type distribution and oil-immersed distribution transformers.

Since then the company has become a major player in supplying high quality distribution transformers to the Indonesian Electricity Board (PT. P.L.N) as well as to the Indonesia Electric private markets sectors and has continuously increasing it’s sales in the region.

By late 1995, the company has added the production of Rectangular Conductor Wires into its manufacturing facilities. Nowadays, the brand ” Starlite ” is recognized and well accepted in the market as ASATA product. The company manufactures transformer which have been specially developed to customer’s specifications and needs.

PT.ASATA sees its strength in the development of prototypes and the quality of their products. As a substantial part of the team, qualified engineers are involved from the beginning in the development of transformers; by studying customer’s specific requirements and then design solutions in accordance to the desired specifications.

Strictly adhering to internationally accepted standards such as IEC’76, BS-171, JIS and ANSI or as per specific of our customers request with the use of high speed computer with transformer design optimization software specially tailored to fulfill customer requirements and satisfactions.

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